Fall is in the air

It’s September 2. Here in North Carolina there is a chill in the air. It’s a bit overcast and the wind is blowing. In the backyard a few leaves have fallen from the trees. It is arguably the most loved season of the year for (90% of) us Gates Girls. (Can you guess who the 10% is?) While it is still summer on the calendar, fall is just around the corner and with it all the smells, flavors, and coziness it brings. I personally have so many great memories set against the autumn backdrop…

The house we grew up in was an old farmhouse in the middle of the city. A red, two story box with green asphalt shingles and several add-ons on the back of it. It had an awesome attic, 3 bedrooms, plus a pretty cool (or scary!) basement and large backyard. It was home for the majority of our lives. The backyard was especially awesome because is was so deep. The previous owners were landscapers and had put in several rows of maple trees which were mature by the time we all were old enough to climb them. We each claimed a tree and would spend many summers scaling up and down them, building tree houses (which were just pieces of plywood laid out across two branches).

Our home at 1206. 

By the time fall arrived we hated those trees because we had to spend hours raking up the leaves and hauling them out to the street. A leaf blower? No such thing at the Gates House. It was metal rakes all the way baby! Not that it was all bad…we had some fun times too. Like when we would make leaf-lined paths curving and criss-crossing through-out the yard with a huge pile of leaves to jump in at the end. In our TV-deprived minds, we imagined we were at a carnival and this was an epic maze we had to follow. Our reward for reaching the end was a crunchy, colorful pile of joy to jump in and burrow under!

On occasion, when we were younger, we had the assistance of the little green trailer. Built by Dad, this small wooden trailer resembled a large wagon. We would pile as many leaves in as we could, then would lay on top of them to keep them from blowing out while Dad pulled the little green trailer to the street. Unloading was never much fun, but the ride back and forth was worth the work.

The smell of the leaves, the sound of the tractor, the crispness in the air, all are memories that come flooding back at the first glimpse of fall. It is bittersweet knowing that those times are past, but cherishing the bonds they created.



One thought on “Fall is in the air

  1. I’ve been so blessed. In the past few weeks memories of my childhood have played vividly in my mind like a never-been -played blue ray and I find myself surrounded by what I’m calling ” memory triggers”. The house where I reside now has a huge pine tree outside the bedroom window exactly like the one on Empire, along with a “mansion” just to the north east, like the one behind what used to be the forest just past our back yard. Now if I could just convince Jeremy to let us “find” a cat next month.
    I wonder what I’d name her?


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