img_0388So while laying in bed last night I scrolled thru my iPod (which is a classic and I’m saddened they don’t make anymore) and was taken to a place that flooded me with sights and sounds of distant memories. I could even smell the damp fall leaves and feel the cool fur of my cat as I breathed the night air in when we would let her in our bedroom window cause she wasn’t allowed in the house. It almost caused a deep ache, not like a pain ache but kinda. More like a longing for those simpler days when family was close, figuratively and literally. (Our family of 9 resided in a 3 bedroom farmhouse in the middle of the city) I had a deep desire to become a kid again when my biggest concern was deciding what to play and with which sibling. To go back to only having to worry about not getting caught harboring another stray. When did life get so complicated and stressful? Why does it have to be this way? As I laid in bed with the music playing thru my headphones I remember listening to the same tunes in my bunk bed while three of my sisters slept soundly in the same room. I really hadn’t a care in the world. When did thriving turn into surviving and how do I turn that back around? Funny how music takes us somewhere else. Last night it made me think. It has made me long for something better, simpler. Thank you David Huntsinger for the beautiful “Autumn in New England”


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