WIN_20160517_134322Gates Girl #3…aka…Carin

Carin is the third Gates Girl.  A natural redhead, she has sported freckles since early childhood.  She was homeschooled from 3rd grade through high school.  When traveling with the family group, she sang and played the bass.

After graduating, she attended Heartland Community College in Bloomington and got her Associates degree.  She headed to Trinity Christian College after a single semester at Pensacola Christian College in Fl.  (NOT the school for her, but she was giving it a try since her “secret” boyfriend went there!)  She graduated TCC with a bachelor’s degree in Biology, with a pre-med emphasis.

During her senior year, she got engaged to Matthew.  They married almost a year later and lived in the Chicago suburbs for almost 8 years.  During this time she continued to travel with the family group and then with her brother’s bluegrass gospel group “NewHeir”. Carin worked in chemical research throughout this time until they moved to North Carolina with a job transfer for Matthew.

After living in North Carolina for about two years, Carin and Matthew welcomed twins Reagan and Graham in June of 2013.  They are still living in North Carolina and enjoying the climate and the twins!