Coffee and Potty training

coffee on tabe

Today I broke the seal on a humongous bottle of Pumpkin Pie Spice coffee creamer. I poured it into my steaming cup of salted caramel flavored coffee and added little sugar. It was exactly what I needed for an overcast, rainy day. Made me feel all cozy and secure.

Today I also opened a package of size 3T, My Little Pony underwear. They were so little and…thin. I thought to myself, “well that won’t hold very much.” Then I remembered, oh ya they aren’t supposed to hold anything. The thought was a little jarring. “That means everything will go right through.  Down the legs. In the shoes. On the floor. Or (shudder!) on the sofa” I thought. “How am I going to do this?” Those underwear made me a little anxious. I think I should back to the coffee.

All this time it hasn’t really bothered me to change diapers…even two sets of them. (Well, first thing in the morning, when it’s poopy, is a hard one.) Now granted, I have wondered,
“will this be my last time buying diapers?” but I haven’t really pushed the potty. I am just wondering though, maybe I should? I really don’t know what the heck I am doing.

I should ask Kristy…she has 8 kids. She should know this. Maybe I should just have her come to my house and do it for me? Aha!  That’s it!! I think it’s a brilliant idea!

I’ll work on getting Kristy here…in the mean time, does anyone out there have any tips for potty training?  Tips for twins?

Need another cup of coffee,

Gates Girl #3



The REAL Reason for this Blog…

Okaaaayyy… I just killed my “home improvement” website/blog to start this one. I know, I could have both, but I can barely walk and talk on the phone at the same time, let alone manage two websites. But it’s ok because I had only posted 3 times on that one. Maybe this one will be a little better.

I wanted to start this one in particular because I have been craving some support from other women. My church is small and a little far away, so I don’t have a great support group there.

Last spring I went to the Hearts at Home conference in Illinois. My mom volunteers there and so I thought I would go. Their theme was “Moms Unite” and focused on doing mom-hood with other women/moms for guidance and support. JUST what I was looking for. I came home realizing more than ever I had to find my group.

I started searching for groups to be a part of. I have twins so I checked out the local Mothers of Multiples group. I have twins who are preschoolers so I went to a brand new local MOPS group. (Both of which are great, btw!  Only bad thing was the MOPS meeting I went to was the last for the summer!) I even checked out some local churches for women’s groups and Bible studies. I have done book clubs and am considering starting a once-a-month freezing cooking club for the purpose of friends and support. (and BONUS! getting all your cooking done for the month in one day!! More on that later!)

But it just came to me the other day that I grew up with a great support group. A family of women. My 5 sisters are unique, wise, compassionate and know everything about me (almost!!). Since I got married I have not kept in contact with them very well, even less since moving to North Carolina. That is the reason for this page. Yes we will share stories of growing up and our lives now. (More content coming soon!) But the real reason is to reconnect with each other. We can learn so much and lean on each other during seasons of life that we think are too much.

And maybe along the way, someone out there reading this will discover that it’s better to do this thing called life together.

So what do ya say girls?  Shall we do this, or what!?!